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Videos » Poem - Shikwah by Allama Iqbal

Poem - Shikwah by Allama Iqbal

Posted by Muminah Ali
Shikwah (The Complaint) by Allama Iqbal علامہ اقبال[Part 1]. This famous Urdu poem is written in 1911 at Lahore. Here Iqbal is complaining to Allah about the condition of Muslims. He was then a Professor of Philosophy at Government College, Lahore. A year later he wrote Jawab-e-Shikwah (Response to the Complaint). Shikwa (شکوہ) is from Bang-i-Dara [1924], Iqbal's first philosophical poetry book in Urdu. I dedicate this work to Iqbal, the great poet-philosopher of Islam. Credits: Edited by: Praizor, Audio Compilation: Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Voice: Muhammad Ali (Pakistani Movie Star), English translation: Dr. M.A.K. Khalil, Pictures: Flickr & Others For more information on this poem see its English translation on Iqbal Academy's site: (1) (2) All Iqbal videos are available on "Google Video". Please check the following link and then follow the "from user" link to get other vids:
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