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Terms of Service

Before you use or access any of the services made available by Worldchains to its members, please read the Terms of Service Agreement given hereunder. Users under the age of 13 should not register for Worldchains. Your registration at Worldchains would be taken as a confirmation by us that you are at least 13 years of age, thereby making this Agreement legally binding upon you. In case you are a minor, either your parent or your guardian will have to read this Agreement, accept its terms, and then allow you to register.


A) It is our right and is solely at our discretion to make any changes to this agreement whether we give any reason for doing so or not. The Worldchains website will carry the most up-to-date version of the Agreement but it is the sole responsibility of members to keep themselves updated regarding whatever changes are made to the terms of the agreement. In case any member is not satisfied with the terms on offer, that member can either immediately discontinue using or even terminate registration.


B) At Worldchains members will be offered a variety of services apart from general social networking. Along with informational services members will also be able toutilize some other additional services like eCommerce and shopping. It is our right and is solely at our discretion to introduce, alter or discontinue such additional services with no obligation to notify our members.


C) Member’s use of our services is subject to all laws applicable locally, nationally and globally. Although Worldchains may monitor the use of its services but it is under no obligation to do so and neither does it guarantee that monitoring performed by it will be satisfactory for every member. If Worldchains finds you to be making any violation of these terms it can lead to the termination of your access to our services and other appropriate actions in pursuit of possible remedies can also be taken. Your account can be terminated in case you fail to maintain acceptable conduct, not limited to the guidelines listed below:


  1. Members should not indulge in any activity resembling harassment, for instance, repeatedly sending invitations to someone.
  2. Members should not give a fictitious postal mailing address, it must be your actual address. 
  3. Members should not try to interfere with anyone’s use of our services.
  4. Members should not have fake identities and they must not impersonate any person
  5. Members should not present themselves as affiliated with or sponsored by the Worldchains website
  6. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading any type of commercial solicitation such as advertisements and junk mail.
  7. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading any content including names and friend list that is abusive, obscene, defamatory, hateful, or blasphemous.
  8. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading content that can be harmful to minors.
  9. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading any content containing or promoting illegal substances or activities such as drinking, smoking, creating computer viruses, affiliation with gangs or use of weapons.
  10. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading any pornographic or sexually explicit content.
  11. Members should not use Worldchains for transmitting or uploading any material that can be used to exploit people under 18.
  12. Members should not try to gain unauthorized access to the database or computer systems of Worldchains.
  13. Members should not try to adapt, edit, decompile or reverse engineer any software programs used by Worldchains for maintaining its website and providing its services.
  14. Members should not indulge in any activity that interferes with the performance of, or undermines the quality of the Worldchains website and its services.
  15. Members should not use any part of the Worldchains website or any of its services for any illegal and immoral purpose.

It is solely and exclusively at the discretion of Worldchains to make all judgments with regard to the implementation of these guidelines. Worldchains will warn the member against repetition of offence and will take action for removing objectionable material. Another clear violation of the terms will result in full termination of that member’s account, without any further warning.


D) By registering with Worldchains and becoming members, users signify their agreement to our privacy policy regarding how we collect and use user information. The terms of our privacy policy can be read here 


E) Worldchains will store all your submitted personal information in a safe and secure manner for an indefinite period that includes but isn’t limited to your name, email address, ip addresses, login information, location, pictures, friends/contacts, messages and other data connected to your use of the Worldchains website.


F) Members acknowledge and accept that they can be sent commercial emails from the Worldchains website and that Worldchains can use their email addresses and other information for launching commercial e-mail messages


G) On registering with Worldchains every member will possess an account and password and it is the member’s responsibility to maintain his account/login information confidential. Moreover, member is wholly responsible for all the activities taking place through his/her account. In case there is any unauthorized use of the account, member agrees to notify Worldchains immediately about the security breach.


H) Worldchains expects its members to respect copyright law. In case a violation of your intellectual property rights has taken place or your work has been replicated in a manner that amounts to copyright infringement, you can notify Worldchains at. Worldchains does not claim to own the content provided by its members, however, by providing this content you have automatically granted Worldchains the right to use, display, copy, store, and distribute that content.


I) Worldchains is not under any obligation whatsoever to get involved in disputes between users of this site, or with some third party.


J) Termination of access to services can take place from both sides, Worldchains and its members, whether reasons for such a decision are conveyed to the other party or not.  


K) Whatever the circumstances, in case of misuse of the Worldchains website or its services by any member, Worldchains will not be liable.


L) Members agree to indemnifying Worldchains, its directors, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries and suppliers if any dispute arises from a violation of terms constituting this agreement. Members can make no claims for expenses incurred in case of any dispute and must hold Worldchains harmless.


M) This agreement supersedes any previous agreement between Worldchains and its members and governs your use of Worldchains and its services. Additional terms and conditions may also apply in case you access third-party content or software, or avail yourself of the services of any affiliate of Worldchains.


Contacting Worldchains

Users having any questions and concerns about the aforementioned terms of agreement can contact Worldchains by writing to us at [email protected]