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Privacy Statement

User Privacy

Similar to other social networking websites, Worldchains lets you refer your friends for joining its networking facility in order to get connected and have interaction with each other. Similar to the case of all other websites providing such services, it is important that you are attentive, accurate and cautious about the personal information that you are required to give. Worldchains takes your privacy seriously and has laid down an elaborate privacy policy to ensure that all your concers are addressed and your privacy secured.


Protecting Children's Privacy

Worldchains gives great importance to the safety and privacy of children. Users under the age of 13 should not register for Worldchains. Your registration at Worldchains would be taken as a confirmation by us that you are at least 13 years of age. In case you are a minor, either your parent or your guardian will have to read the Agreement, accept its terms, and then allow you to register. If we are given information that some member is under 13 we will immediately ask that user to provide us evidence to the effect that he/she is at least 13 years of age, failing to do so within 48 hours, will result in the full termination of that user’s membership. If parents come to know that their child, under the age of 13, has joined Worldchains without their consent, they can inform Worldchains at [email protected].


Personally Identifiable User Information

Visitors to the Worldchains website begin availing themselves of our services once they register with us to become members. Users will have to provide us with information that is personally identifiable, such as full name, date of birth, email address, postal address, password of their own choice, school attended by them, and other information. During the registration process users will also be required to complete certain surveys and/or questionnaires, this serves the purpose of keeping us aware of the demography of our users, their interests and the trends shaped by their choices. Worldchains will let you complete the registration process by sending a validation message at your given email address, having a URL link that will bring you to our website. This will confirm for us the user’s identity through a unique passcode and alphanumeric identifier contained in the URL.  


Document Retention Schedule

Worldchains will indefinitely store all the personal information you have provided us at the time of registration and during the use of our services, in a manner that is safe and secure and sensitive to your privacy.


How Worldchains Uses the User Information


Personally Identifiable Information

All registered users will be able to view other users Stats, Profiles, Journals and friend list pages, which may include personal information and responses to survey questions.

In order to make the process of referral and building friend list possible, Worldchains will make use of your personally identifiable information. Email addresses will be used for inviting people to join Worldchains and for adding them to various networks of friends on the site. Names and pictures of members are displayed for facilitating interaction between users of the Worldchains website. Users will be able to search for friends and acquaintances using as search terms first and last name, location, email address and education level and background. Users of Worldchains will be sent useful information about the website and its services by email. Worldchains can share with third-parties personally identifiable information and/or emails addresses of users for the purpose of marketing. Moreover, user information can also be shared with third-parties for attracting advertising, to improve the services provided by Worldchains and for enhancing user experience.


Cookies and Passive Data Collection

Worldchains uses cookies for saving IDs of users, for validation of sessions, and for personalizing products and services. The IP Addresses of users of the Worldchains website and its services will be used for diagnosing problems that may disrupt functioning of our servers, for improving our services and administering our website. Third parties will be given your IP Addresses only if we are obliged to do so as a legal requirement or to protect Worldchains and others from a violation of their rights. Occasionally, we may send you certain offers from any partner company of Worldchains. The usage history of members may generate special offers on some products and services. Aggregate reports may also be produced for advertisers but they will not include any personally identifiable information of our users.


Profile Information

Users are advised not to post their direct contact information (home address, phone numbers, email address, etc) on the profile page. As information disclosed on profile pages can be seen by other users you are strongly advised not to share sensitive information such as national identity card numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers. Worldchains uses your profile information for improving personalization of our services and generating demographic data.



Like other social networking websites, we let you invite your family, friends and others you want to interact with, for joining Worldchains. The email addresses provided by you to Worldchains for sending out invitations will be used for no other purpose.  


Surveys and Contests

Worldchains may occasionally offer surveys and contests to its users. In order to increase the accuracy of the results surveys can ask for unique identifying information or request data of a demographic nature. Similarly contests may require such information to determine the eligibility of competing contestants. Unless participants allow us to share their email addresses with third-parties for making available to them advertisements and special offers, email addresses will not be shared.  


Third Party Links and Ad Servers

Users of the Worldchains website and its services should be ware that they will come across links to third party websites and also ad server advertisement of third parties, which may or may not use pixel tags, web tags and cookies. Information may also be compiled by ad servers to record where users clicked on ads and where the ads were first seen. We advise all users to read the privacy policies of third party websites before accessing them through any link at Worldchains or posting a link to any such site at Worldchains. We are neither responsible for, nor do we exercise any control over their privacy policies.


Protection of Worldchains and Others

Worldchains will only disclose your personally identifiable information in case it is necessary to do so under court orders or during a legal process. Information will only be disclosed to personnel responsible for law enforcement and their official representatives. Such a situation will only arise if a violation of the Terms of Services takes place; in case the rights and safety of any member or general public are at stake; or if we have to attend to third-party claims regarding some posting or content sharing, alleging violation of their rights.



In order to prevent loss, alteration and misuse of the information provided by members, Worldchains has put in place industry standard security measures. However, storing your information in a secure operating environment out of public access, does not guarantee full security. Though we guarantee that in order to keep your information secure we will make our utmost effort for guarding our systems and network from third-party infiltration and hackers.


No Spam Policy

Worldchains prohibits all its users from engaging in activities that involve spamming. We will strictly enforce our no spam policy if a user uploads, posts, emails and or transmits in any other way commercial advertisements and other solicitation by using the Worldchains website. A registered user involved in such activities will have to face permanent termination of his/her membership, without any prior notice.


Change of Ownership

In case the ownership of Worldchains changes, or a direct merger takes place with some other entity, or there is an acquisition of assets, we will have the right to transfer all data, including but not limited to, your name, email and postal address to the merging or acquiring entity. In such a case all members of Worldchains will be notified and that stage they will be able to modify the information given to Worldchains at the time of  registration.


Revisions to This Policy

It is our right and is solely at our discretion to make any changes in our privacy policy whether we give any reason for doing so or not. The Worldchains website will carry the most up-to-date version of its privacy policy but it is the sole responsibility of members to keep themselves updated regarding whatever changes are made to the terms of this policy.


Contacting Worldchains

Users having any questions and concerns about the aforementioned privacy policy can contact Worldchains by writing at [email protected].