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    The Group is made to answer questions related to studies, and the students who want to ask any thing they can ask here..
    me and member of the group who know the answer can solve the problem.
    Questions can be related to Science , computers, Engineering etc..
    led by Austin Rose

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    led by Rizwan Khan

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    Friends 4 ever

    Rules of this group
    1) never mind
    2) dont lose talking
    led by Zartaj Zaib

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    "Gunaahon Ki Aadat Chura Merey Maula"

    Dear Members Hum Sab Aesey Hi Bohat Gunahoon Se Bharey Hue Hain Yeh Group Meney Isleay Banaya Hai Key Shayad Isme Jo Islami Pics Hadees Shareef S.A.W.W Hain Ussey Islami Baatain Pehlai Jaaen Kya Pata Konsi Ada
    Humari Allah Pak Ko Pasand...  more
    led by *~~Syed Hassaan~~*

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    "Dukhi Dilon Ka Sahara".

    Pakistan Aese Hi Bohat Ghamoon Dukhon Se Bhara Hua Hai Tou Yeh Group Pakistan Ki Awam Ke Leay Meri Taraf Se Tauhfa(Gift) Hai Kaash Koi Isme Jo Tafreeh Hai Mauj Masti Hai Ussey Log Khush Hon Taakey Pakistan Ki Awam Kamse Kam Kuch Dair Ke Leay Tou Khush...  more
    led by *~~Syed Hassaan~~*

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    "My name is Sarah or Sara too"

    All the girls in the thats name is sarah or sara!!!! Which by the way means beautiful princess! :]
    led by Sarah Hassan

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    "Mobile Phones And Other Electronics Devices Solution Group"

    If You have any kind of problem in your Cell Phones or Any Other Electronics Device Discuss Here With Me I Will help you out from that problem InshahALLAH.
    led by *~~Syed Hassaan~~*

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    آو نماز قائم کریں

    آو وضو درست کریں۔آو نماز سیکھیں،آو نماز قائم کریں۔۔
    موت ایک دن ہمیں بھی نہیں چھوڑے گی۔اس کے بعد لوگ آئیں گے ہماری نماز جنازہ ہوگی۔۔اور پھر...  more
    led by تحسین زاھد قر یشی